I remember 9/11 I will avoid watching TV on September 11th.

I remember 9/11 I will avoid watching TV on September 11th. Six years later, the images of the towers collapsing again stir too much. I have already spoken on this blog and in the Pedagogical Papers, but I feel the need to talk about it yet. On 11 September 2001, I was in New York City. For a year I worked at the French School of New York where I taught economics and social sciences. I lived in the neighborhood of Astoria (Queens) and that morning by taking the Skytrain I saw a huge fireball engulf the second round (the first plane had hit the first). I will always remember, like many people, this whole day of 11 September 2001. I kept the e-mails I sent to friends, relatives and colleagues during the day and those that followed. I would like to share them. It is a testimony. One can also call it therapy … Before that, I would also like to send you to an ever active site that gathers images taken by photographers that day. This has resulted in a "Here is New York" exhibition, which played a big role for the people of New York. I will never forget … PHW —————————————— ——————————— email Messages 11-09 1:30 p.m. written from the school I am writing high school where everyone is in shock this morning. I heard the news on the radio and saw the Twin Towers in flames by taking the Skytrain to get to work. All the car stopped talking at the same time … The smoke covers all of Manhattan and the whole city is full of police sirens and fire. while the lower city was loop and public transport no longer work. We had a TV on in the staff room and saw live first and then the second tower collapse in 10 hours and 10 hours. There are surely thousands of deaths, many of our students are very worried because their parents work in this neighborhood. .I have not managed to do over, I spent my time to calm. I write myself this word to reassure you because I do not use the phone. There reigns here a state of war atmosphere, in addition to the TV continues to move images from the Palestinian mob who rejoices in the announcement of the attacks. It promises for the future … It is truly an exceptional event with incalculable consequences. ————————————————— —————- the 11-09 7:00 p.m. Hello everyone and thank you for the sympathy and messages worried that I received. Personally I’m fine and I was able to go home after many adventures. I heard the crash of the first plane this morning on the radio and saw the second crash (around 9:10) when I went to high school. I now live in Queens and the metro line is airline before arriving in Manhattan. All the people of the wagon fixed the twin towers and were arretes talking at the same time. They were in flames and smoke spread throughout Manhattan that was full of the noise of police sirens, fire and ambulance. There was an atmosphere in the city state of war. The images on TV were only reinforce this impression. I did not do evidememnt course and I especially talked and calmed the students that I had and that for many of them working parents in the district financial (that is to say, where is downtown are the towers). We connected a TV in the staff room and I could see at 10 am first and the second at 10:30 to the two towers collapse. We are talking about 40 000 deaths. American TV returns to loop the same images of the disaster in parallel with Palestinian images (despite denials) rejoicing in the news in the streets of Palestine. It promises for the future, we can fear the worst climbing …. The subways, trains, airports and roads were blocked much of the day, the bottom of the city is still blocked fighter aircraft fly over Manhattan, "state of war" I tell you … That evening after everyone had in the metro eyes turned down the city for 5 hours in the evening, it still gives off a thick smoke and where there was the familiar urban landscape of both twin towers (twin towers) that are with the empire State and the statue of liberty a trademark of the city, there is nothing … See you soon for more news friendships with each other —————————————— —————————————— The 11-09 9:00 p.m. PEARL HARBOR C is the comparison that is made this evening on all TV channels and I also heard several times in the street and in the subway. You know that as in all extreme situations, people talk and NYC today was no exception despite the ambient individualism. This comparison gives the extent of the trauma and also an idea of ??climbing that this may cause. Bush in his address spoke of the "evil" (evil) which must be fought and defeated. All students and people in the street also wondered if it was the beginning of the 3rd World War. Fortunately (for the Palestinian cause) designated public enemy number 1 is the Saudi milliardiaire Osama Bin Laden. According to official sources (according to TV) there are strong suspicions that it was he who was behind the attack. Tomorrow, schools are closed and we ask everyone who can to donate blood. Hospitals are overwhelmed. For those who know New York, all the buildings south of Canal Sreet are evacuated and the area is cordoned off and under control from the 14th street. Several colleagues can not return home and had to be accommodated elsewhere. According televisions which have upset their programs and spend only information programs, the number of deaths is considerable, we speak of 40,000 dead … Among them many rescuers (fire and police) who were buried during the collapse of the 2nd round while they were in the ruins of the first. Welcome to the twenty-first century. Take care of you! ————————————————— ——————————— 13-09 Thursday Thank you for all your sympathy and support messages. Here is some more news, I send to friends … Schools were closed on 12 and the mayor advised those who were not required to stay at home except to go to give blood. While lower Manhattan is still closed. All buildings were evacuated south of Canal Street and traffic (and all public transport) are prohibited south of 14th Street. Some colleagues live by that were able to approach the scene and all describe a scene of devastation with buildings still burning and the risk of collapse. 5 other buildings have already collapsed and according to experts, the whole neighborhood will be razed. Around the 14th Street and Union Square in particular as well as hospitals, people turn with hand photos of their relatives whom they have not heard. Television has stopped its normal programs and only pass of rolling news programs. Tuesday’s day was very disturbing and was already fear the worst because the TV has continued to loop the Palestinian image rejoicing … A Dallas an Islamic center has already been attacked and members of the Muslim community New York received threats … Since we have seen flourish American flags on the windows of homes and cars throughout New York, we also hear people yelling "USA! USA!" as a slogan for the passage of firefighters. State of war and nationalism … I also saw a report on armories that have never sold so many weapons that at this time … The majority of US calls for swift retaliation. We can fear the worst in climbing. Today Sunday schools are reopened. We have not really made progress but tried to speak and write the students about what they felt, there was also a meeting of students with minute of silence. Psychological support is also provided. We can say that the population of New York is deeply traumatized, we do not yet know the number of victims, but the latest figures speak of a balance between 10 000 and 20 000 deaths (although at first there was talk of 40,000 .. .). Everyone knows someone who worked in the twin towers … The city will never be the same and it is likely that the return to "normal" is not as fast as it will be announced. Take care! (As we say here …) and friendships ————————————— —— 15-09 Saturday message to the list of SES Teachers Many of you have asked me questions about what I saw and heard in New York or as part of a work with students either by personal interest. We also have some questions on the difficulty of teaching in a high school in New York today. I’ll try to answer it (plus it makes me feel good to write all that …). I ask in advance those who do not know New York City to excuse me if I refer to streets and neighborhoods as if everyone knew, for me they are part of my everyday environment. One can find Manhattan plans everywhere, yet I enclose an attachment. (Quartiers_manhattan.jpg). Teaching in New York’s start with our business. As I said, the schools were closed Wednesday and reopened Thursday morning (except of course that of Lower Manhattan). Thursday morning, as had been decided in a meeting with the Principal and with the psychologist of the French school in New York (LFNY school means all classes from kindergarten to the final year), we tried to go out and share resenties emotions by students. So I asked my 22 First ES students to write if they wished (and in the language that best suited them) what they had felt. It was difficult at first but then some were no longer able to stop and have written over four pages and thanked me afterwards for allowing them to "liberate" as well. I then asked if some wanted orally. This is where the problems started and he had to be firm and subtle. A colleague spoke of the problems of school and issues that arise. Somehow I was faced with the inverse problems. The first intervention was essentially to say "it’s the fault of the Muslims." Remember that the media, especially CNN had obligingly showed images scenes of jubilation in the West Bank throughout the day Tuesday. Fortunately, what makes the richness of our school (and beyond the city of New York but I will) is that 50 nationalities are represented and some students could qualify themselves this type of assertions. I also strongly emphasized, as all the dangers of stigma and amalgam. I also tried to show them an image is never neutral and is still a "production". I also believe that, although the chapter on "opinions and media" has disappeared from the first program, they will still be right … But I must say that it was still quite tense and the students had , understandably, very difficult to take homeworkmarket.me/
a step back. It also explains why, paradoxically, we do not LFNY, as in many schools in France, work on it. The students were rather applicants for recovery "normal" courses and Friday so I worked with my students on economic agents, growth, gait SES … even if this was a somewhat surreal. There is also a debate among teachers (as well as in the rest of the city): should do "as if" the risk of falling into indifference or keep talking to remember? A final word about life in LFNY: we met Thursday morning to students that the headmaster reads a text calling for tolerance (it is readable on the site of the school at http://www.lfny.org you can also go through this site if you want to send a message of support) and they do a minute of silence. I understand that some students or teachers in France are felt bad in France or elsewhere in relation to the same minute of silence even though I think it is based on an opinion that seems to me biased (see next section) but you will understand that here this was not the same sense. It is also for these tolerance issues that the school chose not to collect money for the Red Cross in order not to favor the organization in relation to the red crescent for example. The collection organized in high school is made to the fund for social works of the firefighters of the city of New York. New York is not America … That’s what you tell all the people here when you talk to them. To sum up my own position, I would say I love New York and I do not like the United States. I do not think I could live in another city in the USA. Two figures to support my point. 40% of people who live in New York are born outside the United States, 65% of residents were not born in New York. There is an expression here that said roughly: "This is a true New Yorker, because he chose to live here." New York is the city of immigration by excellence and cultural diversity. By attacking New York on September 11 have certainly attacked the symbol of US power but that could be a twenty-first century based on the mixing of populations and multiculturalism. I am convinced that many of the victims of the WTC spoke more willingly Spanish, Mandarin, Greek or Korean than English … In this city live together communities whose encounter elsewhere would conflict: Indian and Pakistani, Arab and Jewish, Catholic and Protestant, Korean and Japanese … this is the miracle of this city than to be this "mosaic" (we prefer this term today than melting pot). "America New War" After "America under attack" is the new CNN panel yesterday. The official discourse and the media is as I have already written very oriented response. Patriotism is exacerbated, the windows and cars are decorated with American flags and people shouting "USA, USA …" the passage of firefighters and police cars. One hears in news no nuance or critical. It is the national union and no rating for now questioning of US policy or effectiveness of US intelligence. Yet when walking as I did yesterday in Manhattan, we also see people who are most critical or refuse the logic of war. Union Square (site located at 14th Street and Broadway) was transformed into makeshift memorial. or we see hundreds of people gathered to pray that write on panels there. Hundreds of candles and flowers are arranged on the floor in the area called "Hate free zone" (without hatred area) with signs all around the fence. Among the phrases recorded here and there I noted this quote from Gandhi "Peace will not come out of arms purpose of justice Lived" or it of Anne Frank "In the long run the best weapon is a kind of a gentle spirit ". We also see in this place as in many places of the city, on mailboxes, posts etc. pictures of missing ( "missing") with a phone number to call if you have information. These posters are everywhere in the city (Central Park, Washington Square, Sheridan Square, Canal Street, which yesterday was limited access for pedestrians) are felt and how this city was hit and distress of part of the population. The speech amplified by the media is not the only one but it is unfortunately overshadowed. The New Yorkers affected yet are not all going to war. In the words of Jerome Charyn in an interview with Liberation (read internet), this city is a city of monsters but lovable monsters. New Yorkers are individualistic, pressed, cynical, the city is a very tough city that has no mercy for the weak and left out of American society. At the same time, there is an energy here, courage, solidarity and tolerance elk that offset much of the negative aspects of America. The pain and dignity of New Yorkers make me even more love this city. See ya and take care .. Posted by Watrelot on Monday, September 10, 2007

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