Athletes of the Nicolis Museum Villafranca Vigasio-BOVILLE-Capitino — The Lazio derby promises to be fought more than ever.

I expect it to happen very soon. Now I want to spend more time with people who are important to me. » GalleriaTiger Woods at the finish line with Lindsey back family — On the web, Woods made it clear that the current injury has nothing to do with the surgery to last year’s back. «Next week I will train to Medalist and at home to prepare for the rest of the season. I want to return only when I know to be perfectly okay, with body and head.

But it will not be at the Honda Classic on 26 February in Florida because even though in my city I did not return until I do not feel ready. » Gasport

February 21, 2019 — Milan Serie A Raffa is about to experience the crucial moments. Next Saturday will be played and fifth from the tenth round of the championship, turn that to some teams could be decisive for the ranking. In the first grouping the CVM Utensiltecnica wait for the High Verbano, while the latter stands out the big match between the MP Filters Caccialanza and Nicolis Museum Villafranca Vigasio.

Athletes of the Nicolis Museum Villafranca Vigasio-BOVILLE-Capitino — The Lazio derby promises to be fought more than ever. Third on the list along all’A.P.E.R. Capocavallo, the samples in charge of Boville can not afford distractions if aspire to a placement in the play-offs.

Capitino, for its part, it is desperate for points to escape from the danger zone of the table. In the first leg he ended in a draw. CVM UTENSILTECNICA — ALTO VERBANO-VA — The first of the CVM class are chasing the fourth consecutive successful (not lost since November 24 last year). For Manuelli and company is not, however, easy to turn: the High Verbano must win to banish the nightmare of the play-out and possibly to approach the play-off zone. Oversee Mr.

John Emili of Pesaro Urbino. MARTANO-A.P.E.R. CAPOCAVALLO — For now low Martano only team in the top flight not to have scored points again) it is just a matter of pride. The A.P.E.R., However, struggle to secure a place in the top four. I Perugini, who do not lose by 17 November, are perhaps the best team in the form of the first group.

Athletes Upper Verbano MONTEGRANARO-FASHION cattel — The Fashion Cattel occupies the second position in the standings, just two points behind leaders CVM, while stationed Montegranaro third from bottom, in building with Upper Verbano. Both in need of points, although driven by different motivations. On the way overpowered the Treviso 5-3.

CAGLIARI termosolar-CDM Vallefoglia — One of the most interesting challenges in the group 2: the three points would allow one of them to mortgage the playoffs. The draw could instead complicate their position and definitely pave the way to the MP Filters that, beating the Nicolis Museum, it would ensure access to the play-off final. The first leg match ended 4-4.

E. MILLO-Fontespina — Match prohibited the faint of heart. It precipitated the penultimate place, the road to ask Millo Fontespina, being antepenultimate, with three points against campani. Despite having available a workforce of absolute value, the salernitani are not yet able to express their quality.

But the time available to them is finished: direct confrontation with Fontespina looming. Athletes MP Filters Caccialanza MP FILTERS CACCIALANZA — MUSEUM NICOLIS VIGASIO-VILLAFRANCA — Beat the Nicolis Museum and trust in the draw between Cagliari and CDM: is the goal of the MP Filters, which already dreaming of access to the final play-off . First nine points clear of Verona, meneghini they rush to close the accounts to focus on the second phase of the championship.

The Venetian, at their first experience in Serie A, aim to score points to get sweet salvation, and maybe something more. NOVA-INOX MOSCIANO CLARE — Match last resort for Santa Chiara, in the bottom of the table with four points (until the bells have never won). D’Alterio and fellows if they see it, however, with a very tough opponent, the first leg was imposed with the result of 5-3.

The Nova Inox dreams fourth win of the season. Francesco Servadio

July 14, 2016 — SAN PAOLO Photomontage with the different characters in the sports facilities of Rio’s GO Pokémon will be present at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro? Mayor Eduardo Paes has not hidden his desire, making an appeal on Facebook, «Hey, Nintendo! There are 23 days to the Olympic Games Rio 2016. The world is coming here, you come too. » A message reinforced by #PokemonGoNoBrasil hashtag and a montage with the different characters in the sports facilities of the State’s capital.

The time of the game, designed for smartphones and tablets, helps to chase and capture their own goals in the real world. Available to download via the App, is currently officially available only in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, but has already impressed the web by the number of subscribers in a very short time.

BRAZIL — In Brazil is not yet scheduled a date for the debut of GO Pokémon, even if the appeal of the mayor, probably dictated by reasons of marketing, could raise awareness among manufacturers. On Facebook, Brazilian users have not missed an opportunity to take the bitter irony: «Better that Nintendo does not. The Pokémon are likely to peck a stray bullet. » Others, however, have used the issue to criticize the situation in the city: «The water Pokémon die with super-bacteria, the land would be robbed and injured. Flying become the drug trafficking business and poisonous become obese with many sewers available. » Alfredo Shoulder

August 14, 2016 — Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Legendary. There are no other words to describe Tania Cagnotto that, in the last race career on the highest stage, with a record score of 372.80 points, winning the last individual Olympic medal competition that crowns an extraordinary path, exemplary dedication, desire, application and self-confidence combined with a crystalline talent inherited from dad George (two silvers and three Olympic bronze medals) and mother Carmen, like her who have made diving a reason for living.

And the dedication, on TV, it is just for them: «Especially for my dad.» GalleriaCagnotto, tears and smiles for the bronze LAST DIVE — Tania’s bronze by 3 meters, the podium the most coveted and always escaped the shadow of the five circles, with the insult of London 2012 when he finished fourth for 2/10. A wonderful reward in itself and Italy, caught the last dive, while the first and second place in the Chinese shi tingmao (406.05) and He Zi (387.90), in order, were the usual race apart.

The second and consoles himself with the unexpected marriage proposal on board tub that has been around the world. You can tell from the first jump, apart from gold and silver, the fight for the last place of the podium will cover the Financial Bolzano and the Canadian muscolatissima Abel, physically strong to compensate for the greater grace in flight of Cagnotto.

Dips, Chinese silver wedding proposal after the awards race — Tania started well with two and a half back and twice and a half later with a screw, and then scollina without too much trouble. though not perfectly, triple and a half later that some problems had given her in the semifinals. Dop three dives is third, in front of gluing plan, but the double and half back of the fourth series is worth only 69 points, and Abel back in front for 6 points and 40, a margin difficult to fill.

But the champion come the moment of truth, the last series Tania release a double and a half overturned the «Chinese» which earned 81 points total record of 372.80 career, he made the race perhaps most important of his career. Now the pressure is on Abel and his two and a half back, while the blue I anxiously followed by the poolside. It looks like a dive good, the tension is palpable, then the verdict: 69 points for Canada, the medal flies in Italy with more than five-point lead. And ‘the time of tears and hugs, and a just reward to one of our greatest athletes of all time. from our correspondent Riccardo Crivelli

January 15, 2019 — Milan Cirillo Family Sport to practice you choose, the family no. But when the family decide to practice the sport itself? The passion of one becomes that of all and is transformed into something unique to live to 360 °, every day together.

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